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Recent Client Projects

18.5% Savings

$91M Outdoor Industry Client

$385,000 fee reduction

9.5% savings

$21M 9 Outlet Service-Oriented Business

$47,600 fee reduction

11.0% savings

$50M Membership and Insurance Business

$86,000 fee reduction

12.0% savings

$16M Auto Dealership

$27,700 fee reduction

20.3% savings

$1.1M Single Outlet Home Repair Shop

$4,500 fee reduction

Rate Transparency

Lowest Rates

Transparent Models to Deliver Superior Services at the Lowest Rates in the Market

Bank Interchange

Lowest and Smartest Routing Influences Bank Interchange, Including Debit and PIN Debit

Service Costs

Reduced Standard Fees and Lowest and Smartest  Reduced Costs with Rate Transparency


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